What's the number one thing you look for when you're searching for the perfect photographer?

Is it price, style, location, personality, etc? If you've been looking for a photographer you've probably realized that it can be a little overwhelming at times and I'm here to help you in your search with my 5 secrets to finding the perfect photographer for you!

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1. Hire a professional.

We all know someone who “takes photos”, but taking great pictures on vacation and understanding how to set up a great shot, engage with clients, provide perfect lighting, and edit photos are skills that require training and experience. Don’t just hire someone who thinks they are a photographer; hire a professional photographer who has an established track record.

2. Cheap Prices Can Be a Red Flag.

Running any business is expensive and this is especially true with photography. It might be tempting to choose the photographer who charges the least, but often this lower price reflects a lack of skill and experience. Photographers charge what they’re worth and what is required to run a business. You should be willing to invest a fair amount to ensure you get the best possible result.

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3. Love Their Style.

Photography is a form of art and each artist is different. Therefore, you should always check to see if the photographer has a style that you love. Visit the photographer’s website and social media pages and review their portfolio.

4. Check Reviews.

If you can find reviews online, be sure the read through them thoroughly. Getting an idea of what other clients have experienced is a great insight into how your experience will go! You’ll find most reviews on Google or Facebook.

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5. Focus on Specialty.

Just like other professions, photographers tend to specialize in one or two areas of photography: weddings, maternity, newborns, families, portraits, landscapes, nature, etc. Wedding photographers, for instance, might not be the best choice to take your newborn’s photos. Likewise, someone who specializes in nature photography might not be an ideal match to shoot your wedding. Find a photographer who specializes in the kind of pictures you want.

I hope these little tips help you with your search. If you'd love to talk more about hiring me as your photographer then shoot me a message! I have a few available spots over the next few months and would love to chat to see if we'd be a great fit!

xo, Heather

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