“My little dog– a heartbeat at my feet.”

Meet: Meghan + Harper

I met up with Meghan and lab-pup, Harper for a pet photography session at one of my favorite secret locations. At only 4-months-old, Harper was already a whopping 36 pounds! She’s going to be one big girl. Meghan adopted Harper; she was the only surviving dog of the litter. Harper is Meghan’s first dog as an adult, and she seemed maybe a bit unsure of how Harper was acting. I wasn’t worried though, Harper was sweet and rambunctious, just how any pup her age should be.

I brought my boyfriend, Bobby, along to carry a wicker chair that I had in my living room before having a puppy. I had to move it to the attic when my little Luna was a puppy. She had a thing for wicker! I was excited to bust it out again, especially for a session. As I was getting to know Harper and Meghan and began photographing them, Bobby apparently got bored. I looked over and he was making a little flower crown for Harper. At first, I rolled my eyes, thinking there’s no way he’s going to be able to pull this off. I continued photographing the two sweethearts. Next thing I know, Bobby had done it. He had made a perfect little dog flower crown for Harper. Next was the hard part though, trying to get Harper to keep it on her head long enough for pictures. I only needed a few seconds and after a couple of failed attempts, she nailed it and almost seemed to enjoy it being on her.

We finished the session to the most perfect sunset. I watched Meghan and Harper lay on the ground together watching the sunset. I knew at that moment, that they were perfect for each other. Harper is going to grow-up with a wonderful dog mom. They are both so lucky to have found each other. 

xo, Heather

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